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Answers to commonly asked questions

We provide a standardised secure hosting service online. We act as your security team, managing the environment on your behalf and ensuring best in breed protection is in place. CloudControl also provides Shared Regulatory Intelligence, where the security of your environment will continue to evolve in response to external threats and regulatory expectations.

We currently support AWS only, but are evaluating other service providers. Contact us to discuss our roadmap if you are currently on a different cloud service provider or would like to explore other options.

Security is a complex and expensive process. By standardising the security approach, we accelerate your time to market and save you cost on employing in-house security experts.

Our platform provides standardised regulated support, in addition to managing your cloud environment. This will support your organisation to being compliant to local regulatory standards.

Pragma follows Southeast Asia regulations e.g. Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore & Thailand (MIST). If you require compliance to other regulations, we can support your requirements. Please contact us to discuss further.

We provide standardised reporting on cost, usage, capacity, performance, service management, risk management, and security.

CloudControl uses the leading industry standard SOC 2 report to give you and your clients independent assurance that we meet the standards of security.

CloudControl implements several layers of controls to protect customer data on AWS. Every client has their own AWS account and the environments are logically separated through AWS VPCs. CloudControl uses strong encryption for client content in transit and at rest, and provides clients with the option to manage their own encryption keys. Production environments are designed to run hands-free, with no privileged access. CloudControl also deploys security solutions such as web firewalls, intrusion detection and monitoring to help mitigate external threats.

We offer Proof of Concept exercises for Core Tier only as the Secure and Regulated Tiers involve a customised on-boarding effort.

The time taken is dependent on various factors, such as whether your workloads are suitable for the cloud, type of application deployed and complexity of deployment. However, the process generally takes about 2 weeks for Core tier.

We can operate your systems in any of the available AWS regions. You may view the list of regions here. If your operations do not fall within the list of regions, we can deploy assets in a region closest to your operations.

Our standard currency is USD. Contact us if you would like to explore alternate payment options.

AWS provide exceptionally good security tools and is responsible for protecting the infrastructure that runs all of the services offered in the AWS Cloud. They leave it up to you to work out how to use these to best protect your own environment and comply with regulations. This is based on the Shared Responsibility Model.

Please contact us here to schedule an obligation free consultation to determine which tier suits your organisation.

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CloudControl is a cloud security platform by Pragma, a cybersecurity consultancy focused on helping organisations secure themselves from digital risks. CloudControl aims to provide a secure, affordable and constantly compliant cloud platform for organisations.


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