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Pragma is a team of experts in diverse specialisms, from Forensics to Business Continuity, from Managed Security Services to Regulatory Risk, from Medical Security to Banking Security. We have people on four continents, we've worked with every industry from nuclear power to online retail, and we've seen most security problems before. Many of our clients don't have simple problems. That's where our breadth and depth of experience sets us apart: if you have complex problems, we have the skills to create the solutions you need. We specialise in simple, pragmatic answers to difficult questions.

If you have security questions that don't fit a standard niche, contact us to discuss in more detail. We will take the time to understand your problem thoroughly, talk you through potential approaches, and help you identify the solution that's right for you, all without charge. In the event that we don't have the right skills in-house, we have a network of specialist partners and we can usually connect you with the right person.

Some of our past successes:

Helping a national sports team that was detained at the border on fraud charges (spoiler: it wasn't them).

Preparing post-invasion response plans for a bank in a threatened country.

Helping a government set up a cyber industry association.

Helping identify and replace legacy technology to repair a flood-damaged printing plant.

Advising on a supreme court case that depended on a one character edit to one text file.

Defining bespoke cyber risk statistical models for an insurer.

Investigating USD8m in unauthorised trading ... by a mouse (the mammal, not the peripheral).

Reverse engineering a ransomware attack on a SQL dbase, and recovering 90% of the data.

Ran a national cybersecurity crisis simulation of compromised critical national infrastructure and mass disinformation for tier 1 banks.

Pragma is vendor-agnostic, and where commercial solutions exist we'll let you know and help you find the ones that best fit your technology stack.

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