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Forensic Acquisition and Analysis

Find the root cause. And stop it.

Forensic device acquisition is the process of collecting data from electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, or tablets, for the purpose of investigating potential digital evidence that may be relevant to a legal case or an investigation.

It is vital to use a professional service to carry out forensic device acquisition because they have the necessary skills, experience, and tools to properly collect and analyse the data in a forensically sound manner. In addition, a professional service remains independent to an investigation and is able to not only produce forensically sound evidence but maintain impartiality throughout an investigation.

We follow established protocols and procedures to ensure that the data is collected and preserved in a way that is admissible in court and does not compromise the integrity of the evidence.

Our team of qualified investigators are extremely experienced in these matters and come from a mixture of law enforcement, military, and private sector backgrounds to provide a wealth of experience. We have a wealth of experience is giving technical evidence in court and ensure that our processes and procedures meet the required standard.

Our forensic processes are certified by CREST, the de facto standard for the cyber forensics industry. The use of unqualified staff to carry out image acquisitions can affect the integrity of the data and ultimately the result of any hearing.

When the acquisition process is complete our team of qualified Incident Responders and analysts are trained to interrogate data to build and detailed picture of what has occurred. Whether the objective is for internal use, civil, or criminal proceedings we will present the findings in a suitable format, often in the form of a formal forensic report. We will work with partners, stakeholders and legal teams to provide regular updates throughout our analysis phase and provide expert witness evidence from experienced investigators.

We have been involved in the investigation of exfiltration of sensitive information from high-profile organisations, and provided support in high profile court cases. For further information on our services contact us to arrange a scoping call to discuss your requirements.

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