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Risk Assessment is a systematic process of evaluating the potential risks that may be involved in a projected activity or undertaking. Organisations must have an effective risk management process such that potential impact of risks are not realised or are mitigated accordingly.

In delivering technology risk assessment services, we engage key stakeholders to identify critical assets or “crown jewels” against which risks or “what could go wrong” scenarios are identified and assessed. Scenarios are specifically tailored to the organisation, taking into consideration internal and external factors that impact its unique environment and operations.

Our approach also includes a detailed IT security assessment where we deploy a mixed battery of proprietary testing tools and industry standard security assessment tools to give a highly detailed, system by system view of organisation risk. These tests can be automated to give a continuous dashboard of organisation exposure. We benchmark organisation's deployment against CIS Benchmarks, AWS Well-Architected Framework, or against similar deployments.

All risks we identify are documented clearly, and accompanied by a statement of the potential impact and likelihood to enable our clients to assess risks effectively. We provide pragmatic solutions in managing identified risks and we help to prioritise resources on fixing areas that will benefit the organisation the most.

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