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Thorough, deployable source code review

Pragma has partnered with the global leader in application security (Appsec).

WHY / Modern Application Development (MAD) - in the Cloud

MAD is a new approach to creating increasing value through software you produce.

MAD holds the key to modernisation and software-based digital transformation.

Software-reliant organisations can gain tremendous benefits from MAD.

MAD will eventually be adopted by all organisations that develop their software.

Applications capable of running anywhere and on any commodity infrastructure at scale

Bring it to reality primarily through cloud-based native approaches and facilities.

Disassociate the services software provides from design, development, and deployment practices.

Enable teams to spend more time building innovative features and functions.

No need to consider the effects of underlying systems.

It is all about “products” vs “projects”.

Challenges of the modern Appsec:

The business needs for speed

Shift-left: developer autonomy

Repository as the centre of the universe

The Rise of Open-Source


Security is the No.1 challenge for MAD

Application Security Today


AppSec Managers cite too many disparate tools as a top challenge


Struggle to integrate with existing development tools.


Developers and AppSec Managers lack correlated risk data as a top challenge.

Addressing the modern Appsec Challenges

WHAT / Checkmarx One

Automation across the Development Lifecycle

How / The Platform Deep-Dive

Checkmarx One / Architecture

How / The Platform Deep-Dive

Seamless Integration with Developer Tools

Integration capabilities extend across any SDLC command line interface

Widest Coverage in the Industry for Languages

30+ programming languages and 75+ frameworks

Coverage for the latest development technologies as well as legacy technologies

Zero configuration to scan any language

Scanning at the repository-level

Checkmarx One / Summary

Built for Cloud Development Generation

Tech stack and architecture, processes, vulnerabilities.

One-Click Cloud Application Security Platform

Single stakeholder, single process, single product, no installations, no servers.

Based on Industry-leading Technology from Checkmarx

With the widest coverage and best accuracy out there

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