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MAS TRM Gap Assessment

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The MAS TRM is a set of guidelines developed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore to help financial institutions manage their technology risks. It covers areas such as governance, risk assessment, security, and incident management. The aim is to ensure robust and effective technology risk management to protect customer data, maintain system integrity, and prevent cyber threats. Financial institutions licensed or regulated by MAS must adhere to the guidelines and submit periodic reports to demonstrate compliance. Pragma can help you on the road to compliance with the MAS TRM.

The benefits of a MAS TRM Gap Assessment by Pragma are:

Enhanced Compliance

A MAS TRM Gap Assessment by Pragma will help identify any areas that are not compliant with the guidelines, and implement the necessary changes to meet regulators’ expectations.

Cost Saving

We help you achieve compliance before any steep fines are levied for noncompliance, quickly identifying where the gaps before an auditor reviews your application.

Competitive Advantage

We help you differentiate your company from your competitors through helping you pass a MAS TRM.

Why Choose Pragma?

We have been performing MAS TRM Gap Assessments for the past 20 years, far longer than most other consultancies have been around.

We have helped numerous Tier 1 banks pass inspections on the MAS TRM.

We will help you pragmatically prioritise the necessary requirements for compliance.

Enhance your risk management practices, ensure compliance, increase customer confidence, and gain that competitive edge by working with Pragma. Contact us today to schedule your MAS TRM gap assessment and secure your digital future.

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