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Malware Response

The best medicine for infections

Malware is malicious software that can harm or disrupt computer systems, steal sensitive information or gain unauthorised access to a computer and networks. It can be installed on devices without the user's knowledge and can cause a vast array of unwanted issues, including the slowing down of systems, deletion of data, and even spying on users through webcams and keyloggers. It is also often a precursor to a wider attack: attackers use malware to gain a foothold, then launch a more thorough attack when the have had time to scout your systems.

Threat actors usually have a range of malware to deploy, include persistence mechanisms that can survive reboots and removal attempts. You should always seek professional assistance when recovering from an incident to ensure that the Threat Actor does not retain a 'backdoor', or way back into the affected system.

Pragma's malware response refers to the process of identifying, containing, and mitigating the impact of malware attacks on computer systems or networks. It involves detecting and analysing the attack, determining the scope of the infection, and taking steps to remove the malware and restore the affected systems to a secure state. We will always review the entire system to look for additional Threat Actor activity and potential lateral movement to identify the potential harm that could be caused to you or your business.

What should I do first?

If you have been affected by Malware then, where possible, leave the device powered on and isolate it from the internet and any connected networks. This can be vital in our investigation if the malware is running in memory.

Contrary to popular belief, deletion of malicious files may not be sufficient and we advise you to contact Pragma at an early stage to assist with an effective remediation and recovery process. If you experience data loss, we advise you not to attempt to restore from backup without containment and eradication support. This could result in loss of data from your external backups. To seek professional support from Pragma email [email protected] and we will respond within the hour to provide specialised support. If you are already a Pragma Incident Response Retainer Customer, please link in directly with your point of contact for immediate support.

Why use Pragma?

Pragma provides expertise and resources that many companies can lack. When a malware infection occurs, time is of the essence. The longer a company waits to respond, the greater the damage and the more difficult it is to recover. We have the experience, skills, and tools to quickly identify and contain the attack, minimise damage, preserve vital evidence, and restore operations. We can also help prevent future attacks by identifying vulnerabilities and implementing security measures. We can also identify if a user can be subject to a Phishing or Social Engineering attack and where required provide Security Awareness training.

Successful root cause identification allows us to work with you to develop effective and sustainable solutions to prevent future incidents from occurring. Our digital forensic investigation will often identify the Threat Activity in the affected systems and can provide valuable insight into data that has been exfiltrated during the incident. This can be vital in the identification of reportable data when considering whether an incident is notifiable under local law.

You will be allocated a single point of contact and we will provide you with regular updates in easily understandable, non-technical language when required. Our forensic Incident Responders will work with you from an early stage to help you to effectively contain the incident and identify a scope for the investigation. We will provide valuable support throughout the incident providing regular simple to understand updates on the findings.

Our Incident Responders are extremely experienced in these matters and come from a mixture of law enforcement, military, and private sector backgrounds to provide a wealth of experience. Our forensic processes are certified by CREST, the de facto standard for the cyber forensics industry.

Where are Pragma based?

Pragma is a global company with sites in Singapore, the United Kingdom and Australia. We have responders around the world and will be able to support you through your incident wherever you are located.

The benefits of Pragma's Malware Response

Detect and contain malware

We help you detect and contain malware before it can cause significant damage. Our team of experts uses advanced tools and techniques to identify and isolate malware, limiting its impact on your business.

Minimise downtime

Malware attacks can cause significant disruptions to your operations. Pragma aims to minimise downtime by quickly identifying and containing malware and restoring affected systems.

Protect sensitive data

Malware attacks can result in the loss of sensitive data. Pragma helps protect your business's sensitive data by identifying and removing malware that could potentially compromise your systems.

Maintain business continuity

A malware attack can significantly disrupt your business operations, resulting in financial loss and reputational harm. Pragma helps businesses maintain business continuity by quickly identifying and resolving malware issues.

Comply with regulations

Many industries are subject to regulations and standards that require the protection of sensitive data. Pragma can help businesses comply with these regulations and avoid potential fines and legal penalties.

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