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Forensic Support For Corporate Disciplinary Procedures

Clear and impartial

Corporate Disciplinary

Internal disciplinary cases can be an HR minefield: when allegations are made and no clear evidence exists to support or disprove them, managers have a difficult task ahead of them to uncover the truth. It's essential to prioritise the well-being of your staff and treat them equitably, but equally it is your duty to protect your company and its reputation. In cases like this, clear and impartial evidence is key to success, to fairness, and to meeting your obligations under employment law.

In disciplinary cases that include computers - and in the modern business, this is most cases - an independent forensic examination of messaging systems, of workstations, or of internet history can be the key to success. A forensic examination:

lays out an objective and impartial timeline of events,

clearly identifies any grey areas, and

gives you the facts you need to come to a fair and effective decision.

We support our conclusions with a detailed written report, written to a standard that is both clear for a non-technical audience, and authoritative and detailed enough for a court of law should it come to that.

Our forensics processes are certified by CREST, the de facto standard for the cyber forensics industry, and led by experienced ex-law enforcement officers, so you can be assured you are getting a professional and impartial service.

Some of our standard services include:

Forensic acquisition and analysis of laptops, workstations, mobile phones, servers

A computer retains a wealth of data about how it's been used, and can often attest to activity that the user thought was completely anonymous. Our analysts take a low-level copy of any computer involved in a case, and subject it to rigorous examination using state-of-the-art forensic tools to identify hidden artefacts, recover deleted files, and build a clear timeline of events.

Messaging channel analysis

Emails, chats, direct messages, messenger: employees have a wide variety of communications channels open to them, and establishing who said what, when, and to whom is not a simple task. The ease of forging or 'spoofing' messages adds to the difficulty in getting to the truth, and the plethora of data protection and privacy laws make it a legal minefield. Our specialist data privacy lawyers can clearly identify your obligations; our analysts can gain access to a data subject's messaging history, identify which messages are real and which are forged, and build a complete picture of communications between two or more subjects.

Video, image, and sound analysis

A picture tells a story worth a thousand words, but in the modern era of deepfakes and AI generation, and with a generation that grew up learning video and image editing, it's hard to rely on that story. Our analysts separate fact from fake, identify editing anomalies, and let you know which parts of that story you can believe in

If your case needs more complex support, Contact us to discuss the particulars in complete confidentiality. If it involved a computer, chances are we can uncover evidence.

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