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Compliance as a Service

Navigate the compliance space with ease

With regulators growing increasingly intolerant of “rogue players,” organisations must demonstrate agility and competence in navigating the complex, wide-reaching, and ever-changing world of financial crime and regulatory compliance.

A strong compliance programme ensures that an organisation understands its regulatory requirements, has developed the necessary policies to meet those requirements, and runs effective day-to-day procedures to execute those requirements.

From implementation to management to maintenance, Pragma's Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS) allows organisations to reduce their compliance burden by determining the level of third-party involvement it needs to develop and maintain a strong compliance programme.

From periodic advisory services to day-to-day monitoring, here is a sample of our extensive CaaS offerings:

Assessing the organisation's current compliance programme (e.g., strategies, controls, resources, risk rating and risk mitigation)

Assisting the Chief Compliance Officer to create and manage policies

Assisting the Compliance Department in creating and managing procedures and controls

Compliance monitoring (e.g., day-to-day, periodic)

Compliance review of products/services

Continuous compliance risk assessments

Training and continuous learning

Real-time regulatory updates

Compliance due diligence audits

Establishing automated compliance analytics and reporting

Ad hoc CaaS advice/support based on your specific needs

Let us help you define and maintain a strong compliance approach for your organisation. Please contact us to discuss your organisation's needs.

Why Choose Pragma?

At Pragma, we are committed to helping organisations understand their regulatory requirements and work towards compliance.

Our Compliance, Conduct, and Regulatory Risk team consists of individuals who specialise in following regulatory trends, interpreting legislation, and tailoring compliance programmes to various industries.

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