Mark Bird

Head of CIRT


About Mark

Mark brings a wealth of experience to his role as leader of Pragma UK's incident response division. With 17 years of experience in UK law enforcement, including 5 years as a Detective on the West Midlands Regional Organised Crime Unit Cyber Crime team, Mark has led numerous successful investigations resulting in the convictions of many highly sophisticated attackers. During his law enforcement career, Mark frequently prepared technical reports and provided witness evidence in UK court cases, honing his skills in clear communication and attention to detail.

After leaving law enforcement in 2019, Mark entered the private sector working in incident response for the UK area, where he investigated a wide range of incidents, including those involving sophisticated ransomware infections in large multinational companies. Mark's experience in both law enforcement and the private sector has equipped him with the ability to work quickly and effectively in high-pressure situations, making him an ideal leader for Pragma UK's incident response division. His technical expertise, clear communication, and attention to detail are invaluable assets in guiding Pragma's clients through the challenges of incident response and resolution.


GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst - GCFA


Mac OS Forensics


EnCase Certified Examiner - EnCE


Host Intrusion Methodology and Investigation


Incident Investigation


Building an Investigation


Foundations in Digital Forensics


Core Skills in Data Recovery and Analysis

College of Policing

Advanced App Analysis


Core Skills in Mobile Phone Forensics

College of Policing

Advanced Cyber-Crime


Certified Physical Analyst


Logical Operator


Operational Digital Forensics

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