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Joseph Chong

Head of Testing


About Joseph

Joseph Chong is a highly experienced and accomplished cybersecurity professional with a decade of hands-on experience in the IT and cybersecurity field. His expertise spans various domains, including information security management, governance, risk, and compliance, enterprise security infrastructure and solution implementation, security operations and cloud security. With a discerning eye for identifying security weaknesses and implementing robust security measures, Joseph has successfully designed and executed comprehensive security strategies for both government and private sector clients. His contributions have been instrumental in safeguarding critical infrastructures, protecting sensitive data, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Joseph's technical acumen is complemented by his ability to navigate complex environments and versatility as an all-rounder in cybersecurity. He excels in developing and implementing enterprise-wide security programmes for his clients, collaborating with cross-functional teams, and aligning security initiatives with business objectives. With his involvement in security incident response, Joseph demonstrates his ability to effectively handle and mitigate security breaches and incidents, minimising potential damage and ensuring swift recovery. At Pragma, Joseph leads the charge in evaluating and enhancing the security posture of clients’ organisations, providing them with invaluable expertise and guidance.






Azure Security Engineer Associate


Sophos Certified Engineer


Fortinet Network Security Expert


Cisco Certified Network Associate


Bachelor of Science (Cyber Forensics, Information Security and Management & Business Information Systems)

Murdoch University

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