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All business endeavours come with risks, which if left unmanaged, will significantly hinder a company's ability to operate and achieve its objectives. Risk Management is an essential process for any company to ensure that potential unwanted impact from risks is not realised and if it does, contingencies are in place to address them.

Pragma's Risk Management as a Service supports companies in running its day-to-day risk management activities, including identification of risks and coming up with the right strategies to manage these risks effectively. Level of involvement can be tailored based on company-specific needs, from supporting the existing risk officer for regular operational tasks to full time management of the company's risk function.

Whether it is to meet compliance requirements or an increasing need to proactively manage risks before they materialise, Pragma can help define the right approach for your company towards effective risk management.


Customised business-driven cyber risk management strategy.

Cost-effective solution for managing cyber risks (pay only for the hours you need).

Access to experienced cyber risk professionals and vast library of resources.

Provide resiliency to your existing risk management function.

Achieve compliance with regulations and international standards.

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