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Pragma Co-Founder Geoff Leeming Discusses Future of Cybersecurity in SafetyDetectives Interview

September 06, 2023

Geoff Leeming, Co-Founder of Pragma, recently engaged in a lively and informative discussion with SafetyDetectives, a global cybersecurity resource. The interview delved into pivotal aspects of the global cybersecurity landscape, as well as touched on topics such as proactive threat detection strategies and challenges faced by small and medium-sized businesses.

The discussion highlighted Pragma's key service divisions: Preventative Security Consultancy and Post-Breach Incident Response. The former includes services such as Security Architecture, Cloud Security, Endpoint Detection and Response, and SIEM System Monitoring. Leeming also further emphasised continuous monitoring as crucial for proactive breach prevention.

SafetyDetectives' interview with Leeming provided a comprehensive perspective on cybersecurity challenges and trends from the perspective of a security industry veteran, and will help guide businesses toward robust strategies for safeguarding their digital assets and ensuring regulatory resilience. To read the full interview, click here.

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