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Pragma and Asia Token Fund Accelerator Build Cyber Resilience For The Blockchain Community in Strategic Partnership

February 18, 2022

“To proactively address the risks inherent in the ever-changing digital landscape”.

Pragma and Asia Token Fund Accelerator (ATFA) have joined forces to create a strategic partnership bringing value to AFTA's clients.

Cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, data protection, and risk management are areas of key expertise areas that Pragma covers with great confidence, given its extensive industry expertise and a wealth of consulting experience. Pragma commits to equipping ATFA and their clients with professional insights done in best practices, related events, content, and consultations as part of the collaboration.

"With a proven track record in helping some of largest cryptocurrency exchanges and financial institutions globally, we are confident that this partnership will help Asia Token Fund Accelerator's clients reach their fullest potential by being at the forefront of security and meeting the requirements of the dynamic regulatory landscape," said Pragma Co-Founder, Manish Chawda.

Asia Token Fund Accelerator, meanwhile, aims to grow blockchain companies through carefully curated go-to-market strategies. Since 2017, the company has worked on hundreds of blockchain projects in credit rating, digital content, and building investor relations. Ken Nizam, Co-Founder and CEO at Asia Token Fund Accelerator, said, “Our aim is to help more blockchain projects to set up base in Singapore and do it the right way so that they can sustain long term. This is why we've decided to work with Pragma to ensure cybersecurity audits and compliance and eventually make Singapore a global blockchain hub, a secured one that is.”

As blockchain gains momentum, regulators worldwide have already started to place more restrictions on maintaining control over the industry and protecting investors. Blockchain companies must be agile to respond to the demands of regulators and customers. The partnership combines deep expertise in security, regulation, investor relations, marketing, and strategy for companies to navigate the blockchain market successfully.

Pragma's mission is to help businesses strengthen cyber and regulatory resilience with a pragmatic approach. In this partnership, Pragma will offer cybersecurity and regulatory compliance services for Asia Token Fund Accelerator's clients to ensure cybersecurity is built into their systems and processes right from the start while also meeting regulatory requirements.

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