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Pragma Joins Canopius Incident Response Panel to Combat Cybercrimes Amid Global Pandemic.

July 01, 2020

Pragma, a young cybersecurity consultancy from Singapore has retained its spot on the cyber incident panel of Canopius, the global speciality (re)insurer, to help its customers respond to cyber breaches across Europe and Asia.

This move comes at a time when cybercrimes are increasing following the COVID-19 outbreak, as companies shift to remote working. This has revealed security gaps in many organisations and given cyber criminals new ways to attack small businesses. The recent nation- state cyber attacks across Australia and India show that every company needs to have a strong online defense.

Through this strategic partnership, Pragma will sit on Canopius's cyber incident response panel and run investigations, respond to cyber breaches and other services to bolster their customer's cybersecurity capabilities.

“Partnering with Canopius to deliver incident response services enables us to unlock the full potential of our capabilities in cybersecurity and help clients tackle cyber threats in the most efficient way. We are thrilled to work with Canopius again,” said Manish Chawda, co-founder of Pragma.

Luke Johnson, Cyber Claims Manager for Canopius remarked “We are pleased to continue to have Pragma on our panel of the top-quality cyber incident investigation and remediation firms. They have provided excellent service since joining our panel since 2017 and have look forward to many more years of them serving our insureds.

“When an incident happens, every second counts,” said Geoff Leeming, co-founder of Pragma. “Having a global team helps us respond rapidly to breaches and get our customers up and running as quickly as possible.”

For an organisation who have just suffered an attack, the priority is to get back to business as quickly as possible with minimal damage. The most efficient way to do so is “rapid recovery to the cloud,” Leeming said.

Pragma's secure cloud platform CloudControl offers a safe environment for the victim's systems and data. When a breach happens, Pragma provides an option for the client to recover their operations to the cloud rapidly to reduce downtime while meeting security compliance requirements such as Monetary Authority of Singapore Technology Risk Management (MAS TRM) Guidelines.

Apart from responding to incidents, Pragma helps customers secure their systems to make sure they don't get attacked a second time. This includes cyber awareness training, assessments to measure cyber maturity and security tests to discover network weaknesses.

Recently, Pragma has set up regional headquarters in the UK to serve clients in that region.

The expansion to UK operations is a significant milestone for Pragma since the company was founded in Singapore 4 years ago. “It's great that we can expand globally from Singapore, thanks to its smooth and efficient start-up ecosystem.” Leeming added.

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