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SWIFT CSP Assessment

Billion dollar breaches

A SWIFT gateway is an international payments gateway capable of bulk or large scale payments. After the ~USD1bn Bank of Bangladesh SWIFT hack, SWIFT created the Customer Security Programme (CSP). CSP is a standardised security audit programme to verify gateway security and ensure gateway operators are able to protect their funds effectively.

Companies with a SWIFT gateway should use the CSP to understand and minimise their risk of financial loss through a technical attack. SWIFT requires you to perform these assessments on an annual basis, as it refreshes its requirements annually.

Our specialist SWIFT auditors provide operators with a comprehensive and balanced view solution covering both business (operational) and security perspective. Combined with our capabilities across technology risk, cybersecurity, and AML/KYC requirements, we can give you valued insights not just to strengthen controls around SWIFT but also to your organisation’s overall environment, including critical systems and operations.

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