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Gap Analysis and Maturity Assessment

The journey begins with the first step

How do companies achieve a competitive advantage, or how do they compare themselves with their peers?

How do companies achieve a competitive advantage, or how do they compare themselves with their peers? Pragma's maturity assessment aims to identify areas where the organisation can improve its processes, performance, and capabilities and develop a roadmap for achieving higher maturity levels over time. We help our clients by using maturity assessments as part of continuous improvement initiatives to help identify and prioritise improvement areas and track progress over time. Performing maturity assessments can provide several benefits for organisations, including:

Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses

Identify your strengths and weaknesses in various areas, such as operations, processes, and technology. This information can be used to develop improvement plans and allocate resources effectively.


This can provide a benchmark for organisations to compare themselves against industry best practices and competitors. This can help organisations identify areas to improve and set targets.

Prioritising Improvements

By prioritising your improvement efforts based on the areas that require the most attention. This can help organisations focus on the most critical areas for improvement and allocate resources accordingly.

Improving Decision-Making

Support your organisation with valuable insights to inform decision-making processes. This can help organisations make more informed investment decisions, resource allocation, and risk management.

Building Confidence

Help build confidence in an organisation's ability to deliver on its commitments, meet customer needs, and comply with regulatory requirements. This can enhance the organisation's reputation and build trust with stakeholders.

Continuous Improvement

Maturity assessments can support an organisation's continuous improvement culture. By regularly assessing maturity and identifying areas for improvement, organisations can continually improve their performance and maintain a competitive edge.

Performing maturity assessments can help organisations identify areas for improvement, prioritise improvement efforts, inform decision-making, build confidence, and support a culture of continuous improvement.

Pragma uses a developed framework from the following standards and methodologies for maturity assessments:

A framework developed by the Software Engineering Institute that helps organisations improve their processes and develop mature capabilities.

A set of best practices for IT service management, including a maturity model for evaluating and improving IT service management processes.

A framework for IT governance and management that includes a maturity model for evaluating and improving IT processes and controls.

These standards and methodologies provide a structured approach for conducting maturity assessments and improving organisational capabilities.

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