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Incident Response Retainer

Prepare for the worst

An incident response retainer service is a pre-arranged agreement with Pragma that allows piece of mind should you be affected by a cyber security incident. Often when a client is affected by a cyber incident they will seek urgent advice and support to only be frustrated by administrative tasks, such as finance authority or legal review of contracts.

These administrative hold-ups are just as frustrating for our team of Incident Responders because with every moment that passes the Threat Actors foothold increases, as does the containment that needs to take place. Time is always key in these incidents and by simply have a retainer in place it allows us to support you better and minimise the potential damage.

Pre-arranging an incident response retainer allows you to prepare for an incident and minimise unnecessary delay.

What does an incident response retainer entail?

The Incident Response Retainer is simply an agreement that is signed by Pragma and your company that allows us to act on your behalf in the event of an attack.

By providing you with a contract early it allows your legal team to conduct a review without the pressure of a live incident. It also allows us to have pre-existing relationships that can give us time to learn about your organisation, infrastructure, data types and storage locations, and allow us to act fast. With little cost involved, why wait until you are under to attack to think about your response? The advice of all cybersecurity professionals is to have a Cyber Security Plan and to practice it. Having an approved Incident Response team is a key part of this plan and will greatly reduce your response and recovery time.

Why use Pragma?

Pragma's experienced Incident Response team have the expertise and tools to act quickly and identify and contain the attack. We are global and provide support whenever you need, but our local footprint will allow us to personally support you through the incident. We will help you to contain and eradicate the Threat Actor quickly, but also ensure that key evidence is retained to allow us to identify what happened, and importantly, how to prevent it from happening again.

At Pragma we can tailor make a product to your needs and wrap around other security products and services if you require them, and we can make recommendations that may greatly improve your security posture.

What happens if I need Incident Response support?

Pragma provides support within one hour of contact being made to our Incident Response email account. We will provide immediate advice on the delicate balance of data preservation, Threat Actor containment and urgent security recommendations. We will provide you with an estimated cost and scope of proposed work and if you agree, because the contract is already agreed, we can begin to support you immediately.

Our Incident Responders are extremely experienced in these matters and come from a mixture of law enforcement, military, and private sector backgrounds to provide a wealth of experience.

Our forensic processes are certified by CREST, the de facto standard for the cyber forensics industry.

The goal of an incident response retainer service is to minimise the damage caused by a security breach, protect your data and assets, and help you recover from the incident as quickly as possible. By having this service in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a plan in place to respond to any security incidents that may arise.

You may never need an Incident Responder, but when you do, you will need them fast. Call our Incident Response Team now for more information, and details of how we can provide advice and wrap around support at reduced rates.

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