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Expert Witness Services

Experienced, authoritative, and clear

Pragma's forensics teams and cyber advisory teams contain experienced specialists with experience as independent expert witnesses on both sides of complex criminal and civil cases in cyber security, technology risk, and IT project delivery. Our in-house legal and technical writing teams support our technical specialists in the preparation and presentation of clear, authoritative, and compelling testimony that cuts to the relevant facts and avoids jargon and confusion. Our experience in real-world breaches and investigations often gives us the ability to see tried and tested approaches to cases that can significantly improve chances of success.

Review available evidence

We review existing evidence such as machine images, testimony, and log files, and advise on completeness, accuracy, and potential interpretations of each.

Where multiple potential interpretations exist, or where available evidence is likely to give an incomplete or inaccurate picture, we can help identify further sources of evidence that might clarify a situation. We are also experienced at inferring events from incomplete evidence by demonstrating emergent properties of complex systems.

Forensic analysis of machines and logfiles

We can provide forensic acquisition and retention of evidence from most forms of computer or storage device. Acquired evidence is stored in our secure vault, with a full audit trail of access and the ability to demonstrate data integrity.

Construction of demonstration labs

No computer system is simple, and most real-world cases involve a set of systems of varying ages, obsolescence that can interact in complex and unpredictable ways. We have the ability to create replica environments in our secure cloud labs that mirror the case scenario, giving the ability for clear demonstrations of events that can be significantly more compelling than human testimony.

Preparation of expert witness affidavits

Our cyber security experts are supported by in-house counsel and by a professional technical writing team to ensure that affidavits are clear, accurate, and free from potential sources of confusion. We pride ourselves on our ability to combine concise and simple summaries that make testimony clear to non-experts, with detailed and thorough supporting evidence that is resistant to cross-examination.

In court testimony

We are equally comfortable in providing in-person testimony or remote testimony, depending on the approach of the court and your preference.

Retention of evidence

We can provide long term secure storage of evidence on read-only media to support ongoing cases.

Contact us for a no obligation discussion of your case, and we will advise on possible avenues of investigation and provide the right expert for your situation.

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