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Success starts at the top

Success starts from the top

Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Risk Officer are two of the most exposed roles on the board. The ability to combine deep business acumen with the cutting-edge technical skills and the gravitas needed to face off to the Board, to Investors, and to Regulators, is rare and hard to find. And rare skills come at a rare price. But when legislation increasingly demands Board-level accountability for risk and cyber, you don't have a choice.

There are alternatives to (or during) that executive search. We have a network of experienced CISOs and CROs who can work on a flexible basis to help you fill the role in the short or long term. From an interim CISO to drive security while you recruit that permanent role, to a part-time CISO for when you can't afford the best full-time (but can't afford to have the worst at any time), to board-level advisory positions and Non-Executive Directors. Schedule an appointment with us to discuss your requirements and we'll find the right person for you

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