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Cybersecurity Audit

Assessing and Implementing Security Protocols for a Telecom Company

Assessing and Implementing Security Protocols for a Telecom Company

The Background

The client is a prime European telecommunications company with a regional hub in Singapore to spearhead the expansion of telecom's global enterprise operations in the APAC region. The client also provides managed communication services to several leading multinational corporations.

With networks operating across the globe and teams operating worldwide, this telecommunication giant has won several prestigious accolades.

The Process

The client experienced multiple attempted hacking in their offices and data centres. Pragma was engaged to investigate the presence of threat factors and to fortify security protocol. We performed cybersecurity risk assessments on their Data centres, laptops, mobiles and telecom technology, mapping out threat models. Our on-premise investigations also involved interviewing 20 plus staff, hacking Wi-Fi 2 SSID and conducting network security analysis. Our technology-driven Penetration Testing services helped detect the technology risks in two data centres and offices. We also examined the 120 company's process analyses, policies and procedures.

The Result

Amongst many recommendations, we suggested the client exercise the use of Multi-factor Authentication besides the existing VPN. We also advised suitable measures to prevent data loss from laptops, which were vulnerable to access through USB keys.

Consequently, Pragma's recommendations and assessments enabled the client to secure funding from the board to address the security gaps in the system and establish a robust environment. We provided a prominent three-year strategy for the company's people, process, and technology.


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