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Managed Detection and Response

Enhanced Defences for Global Logistics Business with Strong MDR

Enhanced Defences for Global Logistics Business with Strong MDR

The Background

One of the world's largest logistic companies wanted to become more proactive in its approach to cyber security, particularly in detecting unauthorised access, malware, and vulnerabilities. Working with Pragma gives the company greater visibility across its global network of offices to better detect and respond to threats when they arise and ensures that appropriate controls and processes are in place to meet its obligations and protect the business.

This company is one of the world's largest logistics companies, with more than 300 locations. The company provides logistics solutions through 20-plus centres worldwide and manages around 300 offices with 10,000 employees.

With only a small number of IT specialists, the company wanted to identify a third party to help alleviate the demands of day-to-day threat detection, enable it to be more proactive in its approach to cyber security and mitigate future security risks. The company also needed to ensure that appropriate controls and processes were in place to meet all its data protection obligations, including the ability to detect and respond to breaches in line with the GDPR.

The Process

The business was looking to build a long-term partnership with a managed detection and response (MDR) provider. Its choice was based on various criteria, including technical expertise, threat detection approach, and customer references quality. After identifying the security partner that would best meet its requirements, the shipping company selected Pragma MDR services.

While the personal aspect was an essential part of its decision to work with Pragma, so was the nature of Pragma Security Operation Centre (SoC), which supplies the people, technology and intelligence the company needs to identify and respond to current and emerging cyber threats 24/7.

The company recognised the value of Pragma SoC in improving visibility across its infrastructure and the impact the service would have in driving a reduction in the meantime to detect and respond to threats. Pragma's global security operations centre (SOC) professionals operate as a virtual extension of the team, providing the high-quality insight and mitigation guidance its IT team needs to respond to incidents whenever they arise.

Pragma also conducts managed vulnerability scanning and CREST-accredited penetration testing to help identify and address vulnerabilities across its global infrastructure to ensure that the organisation's security is as strong as possible.

The Result

The logistic company now has visibility across its global network and public cloud environments. When threats arise, Pragma can swiftly identify and support the IT team in responding to them before they can impact business operations. Pragma uses the latest security intelligence to detect current and emerging threats and provides essential security capabilities to quickly detect and effectively respond to the latest types of malware.

Pragma's actionable mitigation guidance is needed to respond quickly to incidents and significantly reduce the possibility of an attack. Incident information is shared securely with Pragma's threat management platform. Pragma's SOC teams thoroughly analyse and investigate every security alert received. If the alert is deemed a genuine incident, use the threat management platform to notify the client, relay the incident's priority level and supply the information needed to assist in remediation.

For an added level of security, Pragma supports companies with vulnerability management. We use the latest vulnerability scanning tools to identify known vulnerabilities across key assets in the organisation's environment. This is further enhanced by penetration testing engagements conducted by Pragma's CREST-certified experts and designed to identify and help address hidden vulnerabilities across the company's infrastructure.

Monthly service reports from Pragma provide the firm with the high-quality information its key stakeholders need. These reports improve situational awareness and help stakeholders understand the value of the service in helping improve the company's security posture and demonstrate compliance with industry regulations such as the GDPR.


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