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Facilitating a Patch Management Deployment for a Fintech

Facilitating a Patch Management Deployment for a Fintech

The Background

The end client is a SEC-registered investment advisor that allows customers to invest their money under simple investment principles through automated and hassle-free investing plans, which can be availed easily by using their application. The focus is primarily to create profitable and sustainable ways to help customers build their wealth through various disciplined investing plans.

The Client is headquartered in Montreal, including a Singapore development team consisting of 70% of developers who engage clients with product demos in their Development and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environments. The application developers approached Pragma as they needed to show a secure product to their customers in a production environment.

The Process

Pragma offered a secure platform on CloudControl. A robust and scalable Patch Management System was implemented and the systems to be patched were tagged for patching. Periodic vulnerability assessments were also conducted on a sizeable number of servers and microservices.

The applied patch baselines provided have different patch classifications such as security, critical and importance, just to name a few. The patches can be auto approved when they are classified as secure or critical.

The patch management tool implemented by Pragma provides the client with the flexibility to schedule both the patching period and their patching policy to their convenience without the hassle of manual technicalities.

The Result

The custom solution provided by Pragma on CloudControl ensures that the client has a secure platform to run on. The client now has a streamlined system where patches are deployed on time.


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