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Implementing Security Solutions for a Therapy Service Provider to Mitigate Risks

Implementing Security Solutions for a Therapy Service Provider to Mitigate Risks

The Background

TF (Theraphy Focus) is a professional therapy service provider, delivering support to more than 3,000 people living with disability in Western Australia.

TF (Theraphy Focus) offers tailored support for people of all ages, with all disabilities, including autism, global developmental delay, intellectual, neurological and physical disability, helps develop skills, build on strengths and grow the potential of people living with disabilities.

Founded in 1998, the company is headquartered in Bentley WA and has been an industry leader for disability support.

The Process

Pragma performed a thorough investigation on the two compromised terminals' event logs and built a timeline of the events that happened during the unauthorised access. In addition to the unauthorised PayPal payment that the victim noticed, Pragma discovered that the victim's banking, Apple account, and personal emails were compromised. Company credit card details and accounts to various sites created using the victim's credentials were also found to be infiltrated.

Further, malware traces were found on the compromised machines. Pragma found that the access was in part due to insecure settings in an obsolete version of TeamViewer.

Pragma was able to determine the nature of the unauthorised access and advised the victims to secure the accounts accessed by the hacker, and deauthorise the credit cards viewed. Pragma also assisted the IT department in removing the malware found on the machines.

The Result

Our quick investigation enabled the victims to recover control of their various online accounts and credit cards. Our expert team enabled TF (Theraphy Focus) to implement security solutions to mitigate future risks through our management of infrastructure and deep knowledge of technology, regulations that impact healthcare.

TF's network of computers are now updated, free of malware and fully operational.


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