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Supporting a Large Malaysian Bank to Comply with Bank Negara Malaysia RMiT

Supporting a Large Malaysian Bank to Comply with Bank Negara Malaysia RMiT

The Background

The Bank is a leading ASEAN universal bank and one of the largest commercial banks in Southeast Asia, with a presence in 17 countries.

The bank must comply with the Bank Negara Malaysia Risk Management in Technology (BNM RMiT) guidelines, which set the standards for managing technology risks in the banking industry. The bank seeks to implement effective risk management practices to ensure compliance with the BNM RMT guidelines.

The bank required a partner with expertise in technology risk, cybersecurity and regulation to support them in achieving compliance with Bank Negara Malaysia RMiT.

The Process

Risk Assessment: The first step was to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment of the bank's technology systems, processes, and controls. This involved identifying potential technology risks, evaluating their impact and likelihood, and prioritising them based on the level of risk.

Policy and Procedure Development: Pragma helped the bank develop a comprehensive policy and procedure manual that outlines the bank's approach to managing technology risks in line with the BNM RMT guidelines. This manual includes incident management, disaster recovery, and business continuity planning guidelines.

Technology Infrastructure Upgrade: The bank upgraded its technology infrastructure to ensure that it is secure, reliable, and resilient. This involved implementing firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and encryption technologies to protect against cyber threats.

Training and Awareness: Pragma provided training and awareness programs to its employees to educate them on the importance of technology risk management and the measures they can take to minimise risks.

Monitoring and Review: The bank established a system for monitoring and reviewing its technology risk management practices. This involves regular audits and assessments to ensure that the bank's risk management practices are aligned with the BNM RMT guidelines.

The Result

By implementing these measures, The Bank was able to comply with the BNM RMT guidelines and minimise its technology risks. The bank's technology systems and processes are now more secure and resilient, and the bank is better equipped to manage technology risks effectively.

Complying with the BNM RMT guidelines is an important step for the Bank in ensuring the security and stability of its technology systems. By implementing effective risk management practices, the bank has improved its technology infrastructure and reduced its exposure to technology risks.


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