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How Malicious Code Nearly Wiped Out Our Website

How Malicious Code Nearly Wiped Out Our Website

Attention website owners and developers! Don't let a malicious code destroy your hard work and online presence. We've experienced it firsthand when we hired an external web developer agency to build our website on Wordpress. Just a week before we were ready to launch, our in-house developer discovered a malicious code that could have erased everything on our website. Imagine losing all your valuable files, facing the blame game, and having no website left to show for it!

Today, malicious codes continue to be a threat to websites and their visitors. These sneaky bits of code can bypass anti-virus software and wreak havoc on your computer systems, steal data, and install spyware. That's why it's crucial to know how to detect and prevent them from causing harm.

Here's what we learned from our experience:

  • Use security plugins like "Defender Security, Monitoring, and Hack Protection" to scan your website files regularly.
  • Check for unknown files in the Wordpress core files and review their contents.
  • Avoid accessing suspicious files through the web browser, as they can run hidden malicious code. Instead, use a text editor like Atom or Sublime to open them on a local drive.
  • Don't use the same keys and passwords provided by others, and always keep an up-to-date backup copy of your files.

Don't let a malicious code bring down your website.

Take the necessary precautions and protect your online presence today.



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