Sean Simpson

Head of Testing


About Sean

Sean is a seasoned cybersecurity professional with diverse experience in risk-based projects, auditing, and leading penetration testing teams. He is committed to proactively finding vulnerabilities before malicious actors do. Sean holds a PhD in cybersecurity from Newcastle University, where he conducted cutting-edge research on threat modeling and system resilience. As a researcher and lecturer, he trained the next generation of cybersecurity professionals in ethical hacking.

Sean has hands-on experience with securing sprawling corporate networks using SIEM/SOC solutions, and he is well-versed in compliance and regulation including ISO and MAS TRM. He has advanced technical writing skills and is capable of teaching complex technical concepts to diverse audiences. Additionally, Sean has participated in Capture the Flag (CTF) and other hacking-related competitions, demonstrating his deep passion for cybersecurity.


PhD in Computer Science/Cybersecurity

Newcastle University

Masters of Computing (MComp, first)

Newcastle University



Splunk 7.x Fundamentals


Sumo Logic Fundamentals Certified

Sumo Logic